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Resilience of Infrastructure from Natural Hazards

In response to the recommendations in the Pitt Review of the summer 2007 floods, the Natural Hazards Team was set up in the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in May 2009 to establish and develop a cross-sector Critical Infrastructure Resilience Programme (CIRP). The aim of the Programme is to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure and essential services to severe disruption from natural hazards.

The process, timetable and expectations for the programme are detailed in the Strategic Framework and Policy Statement [PDF 26 pages, 455KB]. The Cabinet Office consulted government, regulators, industry and emergency response practitioners on the draft of this framework. A summary of the consultation responses [PDF 43 pages, 379KB] is also available to download.

During 2009 the government departments responsible for each of the nine sectors of national infrastructure assessed the current vulnerability of the sector from flooding. A summary of their findings, produced as Sector Resilience Plans [PDF 33 pages, 739KB], was published in March 2010.

The Cabinet Office has also published Interim Guidance for the Economic Regulated Sectors [PDF 24 pages, 206KB], identifying considerations for industry on how they may be able to support resilience building.

To contact the Natural Hazards Team regarding the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Programme, please email