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Emergency Preparedness

Integrated emergency management (IEM) comprises six related activities: anticipation, assessment, prevention, preparation, response and recovery. This section of UK Resilience contains information about the first four of those activities. These can be described as the pre-emergency elements of IEM.

This section is broken down into key disciplines and activities. Some of these mirror the duties under the Civil Contingencies Act. Others describe organisational arrangements which underpin emergency preparedness in the UK.

Civil Contingencies Act

The definitive guide to the Act, a source of all the relevant material and the best way in which to keep abreast of developments.

UK Government

Planning arrangements in place at the UK level, including the Capabilities programme.

Devolved Administrations

Structures and work programmes in place in each of the devolved administrations, and links to each administration's own website.

English Regions

Regional resilience work, and links to each region's own website.


Structures in place at the local level, including details of local resilience forums in every area.

Information Sharing

The mechanisms by which information is shared between responders, and further generic material on key Category 2 responders.


The national framework for assessing risk, plus additional guidance and best practice.

Business Continuity

Best practice advice on business continuity, both for organisations covered by the Civil Contingencies Act and those which are not.

Emergency Planning

How to develop and maintain emergency plans.

Warning and Informing the Public

Advice on how to put in place arrangements for warning the public and business, and information for organisations which seek to access that advice.


Information on how to manage training needs, including links to the Emergency Planning College.


Support and advice on planning and running exercises, along with details of the national exercise programme.

Resilient Telecommunications

Explaination of what is meant by resilient communications, how resilience can be enhanced and provide an overview of the Government's strategy for enhancing resilience.

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