Local government

Strategies and reviews

On 26 October 2006 we published Strong and Prosperous Communities a white paper on the future of local government in England. The paper aimed to build on improving progress in the quality of our public services to turn reform into lasting transformation.

Measures needing statutory backing are in the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill [External link], which received Royal Assent on 30 October 2007.
Work is in progress on many other aspects too, including building partnerships, empowering communities, assessing performance and supporting councillors. We have published Implementation Plans setting out progress on these and other measures set out in the White Paper.

The White Paper changes are a start but we are going further see, for example, The Governance of Britain (July 2007) [External link].

The 'Communities in control, Real people, real power' White Paper published on 9 July 2008, aims to pass power into the hands of local communities. We want to generate vibrant local democracy in every part of the county, and to give real control over local decisions and services to a wider pool of active citizens. We want to shift power, influence and responsibility away from existing centres of power into the hands of communities and individual citizens.

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