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Community action

Community-based organisations are at the root of civil renewal, bringing local people together and empowering them to meet local needs or transform local environments. This section provides details of the action the Office of the Third Sector has taken to provide support to community based activity within the third sector. 

In this section:

Details of the Comunity Assets programme. The overall aim is community empowerment; Comunity Assets will achieve this by providing grants for refurbishment of underused local authority assets, to encourage the transfer of high-quality spaces and facilities to third sector ownership.


Details of the £130 million Grassroots Grants programme to boost local community organisations with much-needed access to small grants and long-term financing through an endowment fund.


Details of the £70m Communitybuilders programme funded by the Office of the Third Sector and Department for Communities and Local Government. The programme is designed to support investment in multi-purpose, inclusive community-led organisations at the neighbourhood level.


In the Office of the Third Sector, our overarching aim is to develop and support an environment which enables the third sector to thrive, growing in its contribution to Britain's society, economy and environment