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UK general election - 6 May

CampaigningThe last day to register to vote is 20 April. Visit our aboutmyvote website to find out how to vote and how to register.

Click here for more information on the election timetable, party registration, standing or campaigning in the election or if you are involved in running the election.

Make sure nothing stops you voting

UK general election registration campaignWe have launched our election public awareness campaign. Our campaign encourages all eligible people to register to vote in time for the elections.

- For voter registration resources that tie in with the campaign creatives visit our Do Politics Centre
- Register to vote on our About My Vote site

Timing of election counts

It is important that votes are counted accurately and that voters have confidence in the election result.

Are you ready for the 2010 elections?

We have a range of resources to support preparations for the UK general election and local elections in England on 6 May.

Our five year direction

We have published our corporate plan 2010-11 to 2014-15 (PDF). The plan sets out our direction for the next five years, outlining the activities and resources that will enable us to deliver our aim of integrity and public confidence in the democratic process.

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