Non-Civil Service Employers

This guidance is for non-Civil Service organisations.

Last updated - 17th July 2009

For non-Civil Service employers

If you are from an organisation outside the Civil Service, and would like to advertise an interchange opportunity to civil servants, please read the guidance below.

If the job you want to advertise is permanent, you can do so on

To advertise a fixed-term secondment opportunity, please email You will then be asked for information about your vacancy, and we will then advertise it on the Civil Service Jobs site to which only UK civil servants and approved NDPD staff have access.

As part of this process, you will also need to assess the level of responsibility of your vacancy so that we can advertise it to people with the right skills and experience. To help you do this, we have prepared some guidance on Civil Service grades.

You might feel that civil servants in a certain department would be particularly attracted to the opportunity you are advertising. In this case you are very welcome to approach that department direct and draw attention to it. Contact details for departmental Interchange Managers are listed in the Directory of Interchange Managers