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The 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games provide the UK's tourism industry with a huge opportunity.

Research suggests that additional tourist turnover during 2007-17 is likely to be up to £2.1 billion. Of this, we project £1.4 billion  will be spent in London, while the tourism gains for the rest of the UK will be £0.7 billion (these figures are currently under review).

Our strategy

‘Winning: A Tourism Strategy for 2012 and Beyond’ was developed in full partnership with VisitBritain and Visit London after an exhaustive consultation process. The strategy’s action plan for the six years between 2007 and 2013 includes:

  • the framework under which the UK will be marketed at home and overseas 
  • a public/private sector marketing campaign starting at the Beijing handover, with all 180,000 UK tourism businesses given the chance to get involved
  • plans to make the most of the Cultural Olympiad
  • new initiatives to improve product quality and international perceptions of Britain
  • skills improvement through the National Skills Strategies, with particular emphasis on accelerating take up of the new UK Skills Passport and reforming qualifications in partnership with People 1st
  • plans for real changes in the industry’s response to disability issues through the Accessible Tourism Stakeholder Forum and in partnership with Tourism for All
  • encouraging sustainable development

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