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We are committed to providing access to sport and work to encourage the take-up of sport across communities and by children and young people in particular.

Sport has an unmatched ability to mobilise and excite people in their millions. Sport matters to most people, but fewer of us play sport or are physically active on a regular basis.

We and our sponsored bodies have launched and supported a number of high profile projects and initiatives to achieve our aims of access to sport at all levels. We invest in school sport and community facilities, as well as at elite level.

We will ensure that everyone has the chance to take part, while focusing special support for world-class sportspeople.

The initiatives below will show you how we are achieving more sport, more often - for everyone.

We are encouraging local authorities to offer free swimming to the over 60s and under 16's through a new  £140 million cross government fund that will also rejuvenate and maintain pools across England.

Detailed information about our work on Sport is available in the Sport pages of 
"What we do" .

Some of our projects and initiatves:

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