Department for Culture Media and Sport

stadium safety

We administer the Government's stadium safety policy.

Part of this responsibility includes designating sports grounds with a capacity of over 10,000 (5,000 for football). Designated sports grounds require a safety certificate from the local authority. Every sports stadium which is not designated but contains a stand with a capacity of over 500 requires a safety certificate from the local authority.

We are also responsible for coordinating the Government’s response to non-terrorist disasters affecting spectators at events in outdoor sports grounds in England.

The Football Licensing Authority (FLA)

The FLA is one of our non-departmental public bodies. They have two main functions:

  • to licence league and international football grounds in England and Wales
  • to oversee the control of stadium safety by local authorities in grounds at which premiership, football league and international matches are played

They are the leading UK authority on ground safety and have implemented some of the key recommendations in the Final Report on the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster of 1989.

They oversee the licensing of all grounds in the Premier League and the Championship.
Clubs in Football Leagues One and Two are allowed to provide some standing accommodation, provided that it meets certain standards. The FLA enforces these standards through their licensing system.

We commissioned them to produce the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (also known as the 'green guide').

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