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DCMS simplification plans
DCMS publishes annual simplification plans. These plans show how DCMS will meet its administrative burden reduction target as well as identifying further measures for simplification up to 2010.  You can find links to the simplification plans of other Government Departments on the Better Regulation Executive website (BRE)

Our 2007 "Simplification plan" is in the publication section of this website.

Administrative Burden Measurement Exercise
The Administrative Burdens Measurement Exercise (ABME) was a Government-wide project to calculate the total administration costs that UK legislation, in place on 1 May 2005, places on those that must comply with it. The Administrative Burdens Measurement Exercise Final Report for DCMS found that burdens arising from DCMS regulation accounts for 2.5% of the total Government burden.

Further information about the targets for reducing administrative burdens and a general Q&A can be found on the BRE section of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform website

Business and organisations across our sectors are affected by a number of Government regulations . DCMS will investigate any issues that are a major irritant for its sectors and endeavour to take action in conjunction with other Government departments to reduce administration burdens where appropriate.

Please email DCMS about any simplification measures that you think should be investigated.

Common commencement dates
Common commencement dates are dates when pieces of legislation will take effect.  These are two dates each year (6 April and 1 October) when new legislation is introduced. 

Common commencement dates are intended to help business and stakeholders to plan and budget for new regulatory measures.

DCMS is committed to using common commencement dates wherever possible especially where the change has an effect on business.  All Government departments are required to produce a forward plan for policy proposals and regulations that may commence in a particular year.


Irritants or undue process
Are there administrative requirements that DCMS imposes that is particularly aggravating?

Or can you suggest a simplification measure to make things easier for business without damaging the core objective of the regulation?

If so, we would like to know about it.  Please email DCMS with your idea. You can expect a response to your proposal within 90 days.    You can complete the DCMS Simplification measures response form (MS Word 42kb) and send it to or by post.

Alternatively, you can complete an online form on the BRE’s website.  This form also allows you to propose measures for all Government departments

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