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Consultation on a Strategy for Services for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in England

  • Launch date:
    23 February 2010
  • Closing date:
    6 April 2010
  • Creator/s:
    Department of Health
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Since 2005 the Department of Health, the NHS, patients, clinicians and other key stakeholders have been working together to identify the best ways to improve care and outcomes for those with COPD and to reduce the overall prevalence of the disease.

Our aim is to produce a strategy that will:

  • ensure that everyone diagnosed with COPD receives equitable, responsive, high quality and effective provision of health and social care services from the right person, at the right time, in the right place, that are cost effective and provide good value for money for taxpayers.
  • advise how local communities can prevent people getting COPD, understand the risks of having poor lung health, secure improvements to the diagnosis and care of people with the disease, and reduce health inequalities.
  • support people with COPD and their carers by offering practical advice and education on managing their disease. 

We also aim to provide advice and support for commissioners, hospitals, general practice, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs). All these constituent parts of the NHS must deliver services for COPD while planning, developing and monitoring of services.

Because of the magnitude of the burden of asthma, the Strategy for COPD will also contain a section to highlight where there are synergies in the approach to the care of these two conditions and where there are differences. It also highlights aspects of good asthma services.

The following documents and the response database gives you the chance to tell us what you think of the draft of the Strategy. In particular, we want to know if you think the strategy as it stands meets our objectives (outlined above) and if there are any detailed changes that would make the Strategy more successful in practice.

Thank you for your time and help in contributing to the Strategy

Responding to the consultation

The consultation closes on 6 April 2010

If you would like to respond to this consultation please use the attached response form.

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