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World class commissioning assurance system

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The delivery of the world class commissioning vision and competencies is supported by a commissioning assurance system.  Commissioning assurance is an annual process which reviews primary care trusts (PCTs) progress towards achieving better health outcomes for their populations and provides a common basis for agreeing further development.  This will drive peformance and development, and reward PCTs as they move towards becoming world class commissioners.

There is a national system of commissioning assurance, locally managed by strategic health authorities (SHAs). Commissioning assurance will be designed to help PCTs identify areas of development and move towards filling gaps in their capabilities.

The details of the assurance system are set out in the commissioning assurance handbook which includes guidance on the content and process. The handbook is supported by a toolkit including all the tools and templates that PCTs and SHAs will need to implement the system. PCTs and SHAs should visit the link below to access the toolkit.  

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