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Consultations & legislation

2007 Closed consultations

Banking Reform - Protecting Depositors: a discussion paper
Launch date: 11/10/07 Closing date: 05/12/07

Tax simplification reviews
Launch date: 09/10/07 Closing date: 30/11/07

Review of the Cash Ratio Deposit Scheme - Consultation on proposed changes
Launch date: 10/08/07 Closing date: 02/11/07

Business tax reform: capital allowances changes
Launch date: 26/07/07 Closing date: 19/10/07

Implementing the Reinsurance Directive: consultation document
Launch date: 25/07/07 Closing date: 17/10/07

Proposals for a UK Recognised Covered Bonds legislative framework
Launch date: 23/07/07 Closing date: 15/10/07

Feasibility study of the Government becoming an issuer of wholesale sterling Islamic financial instruments
Launch date: 23/04/07 Closing date: PBR 2007

Property authorised investment funds
Launch date: 18/07/07 Closing date: 28/09/07

Gift Aid Consultation
Launch date: 19/06/07 Closing Date: 30/09/07

Taxation of the foreign profits of companies: a discussion document
Launch date: 21/06/07 Closing date: 14/09/07

Review of the GB cooperative and credit union legislation
Launch date: 21/06/07 Closing date: 12/09/07

Further consultation on amendments to the CIS border for property transactions
Launch date: 01/08/07 Closing date: 12/09/07

Gender as a factor in in the assessment of insurance risks
Launch date: 12/06/07 Closing Date: 03/09/07

Unclaimed assets distribution mechanism: a consultation
Launch date: 17/05/07 Closing date: 09/08/07

Consultation on better regulation measures for the asset management sector
Launch date: 09/05/07 Closing date: 01/08/07

Sir David Varney´s Review of tax policy in Northern Ireland
Launch date: 01/06/07 Closing date: 18/07/07

Tax incentives for development of brownfield land: a consultation
Launch date: 21/03/07 Closing date: 14/06/07

A UK Unclaimed Asset Scheme: a consultation
Launch date: 20/03/07 Closing date: 12/06/07

Consultation on Implementing Article 4(4)-4a(1) of the Fifth Motor Insurance Directive. |
Launch date: 01/03/07 Closing date: 24/05/07

Modernising tax relief for business expenditure on cars: a consultation update
Launch date: 21/03/07 Closing date: 16/05/07

Consultation Financial Capability: the Governments long term approach
Launch date: 15/01/07 Closing date: 13/04/07

Implementing the Third Money Laundering Directive: Draft Money Laundering Regulations 2007
Launch date: 22/01/07 Closing date: 02/04/07

Insurance in Rome I: a consultation
Launch date: 06/03/07 Closing date: 30/03/07

Consultation on amendments to the CIS border for property transactions
Launch date: 01/02/07 Closing date: 29/03/07

Consultation on amendments to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Exemption) Order 2001 for the role of policyholder advocate.

Launch date: 29/12/06 Closing date: 23/03/07

Consultation on deregulating freight forwarding insurance
Launch date: 21/12/06 Closing date: 22/03/07

Consultation on Exemption for Incoming Approved EEA Prospectuses
Launch date: 22/12/06 Closing date: 16/03/07

Tackling Managed Service Companies
Launch date: 06/12/06 Closing date: 02/03/07

Call for evidence on Travel Insurance Review
Launch date: 23/11/06 Closing Date: 22/02/07

Consultation on legislative changes to the Building Societies Act 1986
Launch date: 09/11/06 Closing date: 01/02/07

Consultation on amendments relating to Part 7 of FSMA 2000 (‘Control of Business Transfers’)
Launch date: 03/11/06 Closing date: 26/01/07

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