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VCA's Information System for Type Approval



VISTA is a collection of all of the automotive EC Directives and UN ECE Regulations required for Type Approval contained within three separate electronic libraries. The Car, Truck and Bus library contains all of the standards required for cars, goods vehicles and buses and includes standards which deal solely with components or Separate Technical Units (STU's). Separate Tractor and Motorcycle libraries are available for customers whose interest is limited to these areas.

Along with the standards, VISTA includes a number of other information assets, including our own UK Interpretations of points raised against the legislation. UK Interpretations are not available anywhere else.

Customers choose to subscribe to a full or part library, delivered either by CD-ROM with bi-monthly updates, or by logging on to a web-enabled version of the system. Subscriptions are for a one-year period and will vary according to the level of information required and the number of users wishing to utilise the database.

Follow this link to the web-enabled version of VISTA:



LegStat is an on-line database containing all of the key date information about each of the standards applicable to European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. Subscribers to the system have the opportunity to receive e-mail notifications of impending key dates, prior to, or on the day that they come into force. The system can be used stand-alone, or integrated with the on-line version of VISTA to provide a total solution to management of Type Approval legislation. As far as we are aware, LegStat is the only product offering this level of information available in the world today.

To find out more about VISTA or LegStat, please download one of the following documents:

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