Decent Homes and council housing finance

Since 2001 we have reduced the number of non-decent homes in the social housing sector by 1.1 million and nearly 86 per cent of all social homes are now decent.

By 2010 we expect that 92 per cent of all social homes will be decent and we still expect the majority of landlords to make all their stock decent by that time. We have negotiated with some social landlords to set dates for delivery beyond 2010, where it is necessary to achieve better value for money, or higher standards of housing.

The Minister for Housing and Planning, John Healey, has commissioned an evaluation of the Decent Homes programme. This will capture the successes of the programme and facilitate the dissemination of best practice. The final report is due on 31 March 2010.

The Government is fully committed to completing the remainder of the decent homes programme so that all social homes are decent and to seeing this standard maintained in the future.

The Reform of Council Housing Finance will safeguard the future of Decent Homes, improve the shared and common areas of estates and will ensure that there is sufficient funding in the new system to do so.  

For a general definition of the Standard please see - What is a decent home? .

For detailed guidance social housing landlords should visit the Homes and Communities Agency's decent homes page (external link).

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