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  • Re: Representing the future - the Councillors’ Commission report

    The idea that the CEHR sets 'targets' is undemocratic and that the country's last vestige of democracy adheres to it is shameful. The CEHR does not have proper representatives of Eastern Europeans, because the CEHR is really the old CRE, and is really not about providing equality but providing justifications for using public funds to uplift ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by Haringey resident on December 21, 2007
  • Representing the future - the Councillors’ Commission report

    The Councillors’ Commission published its recommendations - 61 of them - on 10 December in its report entitled Representing the Future. Chaired by Dame Jane Roberts, the Commission has put forward a wide ranging and bold set of recommendations which provide much food for thought. In the next few months we will be debating the ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by Emma Hagan on December 10, 2007
  • Re: Better support and recognition for councillors leaving the role?

    Welcome to the Councillors Commission forum. Our new question is “How could we provide better support for councillors in their transition out of the role, and recognise the contribution they have made?” and we’re really keen to hear your views. If you’re in the job, new or experienced, if you’ve considered putting yourself forward or if you’ve ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by Emma Hagan on November 1, 2007
  • Better support and recognition for councillors leaving the role? (Read only)

    Welcome to our forum. This is the last opportunity to air your views as the commission gets down to the serious business of turning the body of evidence it has amassed into a set of practical and co-ordinated recommendations/proposals. Therefore this question will run only until Monday 12 November, to ensure your comments can be considered by the ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by Jane Roberts on October 31, 2007
  • Question closing

    Thank you to everyone for your comments so far, they've provoked some very interesting debate. Please note, this question is due to close at the end of the day and a new question will be launched tomorrow, Wednesday 31st October, so please be sure to get your final comments in! All the best. Emma (moderator)
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by Emma Hagan on October 30, 2007
  • Re: Should councillors be better paid, and why?

    No. Councillors already earn enough basic allowance and/or expenses. To pay them more means diverting funds away from areas which are in far greater need than the comfort of a few councillors. That extra money could avoid the closure of a nursing home or an extra social worker. You first examine supply and demand. If the supply is strong but the ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by jeffhall on September 27, 2007
  • Re: Should councillors be better paid, and why?

    I agree with other respondents that it is a difficult area to come to agreement on.  I do believe however that should Councillors be paid -whether full time or part time you'd see an increase in representation from different social classes and age ranges.  I don't think its necessarily wrong for people to become councillors ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by Hamid Kennedy on September 14, 2007
  • Re: Should councillors be better paid, and why?

    In some authorities, Councillors are expected to 'donate' a proportion of their expenses to their local party, while cabinet members are able to use their full-time status to devote much more time to political campaigning. In effect, the state  provides financial support to political parties, but on a basis that favours the incumbents. Paying ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by James Humphreys on September 6, 2007
  • Re: Should councillors be better paid, and why?

    There is no doubt that this is a difficult one, and valid opinions have been expressed on either side. My own view, as a former councillor (albeit only on a lowly parish council) is that generally councillors should not be salaried.  However, as with things like jury service, I think it appropriate that councillors be reimbursed for any ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by Andy Waters on August 30, 2007
  • Re: Should councillors be better paid, and why?

    As you say, this is a very sensitive area and there appears to be two very clear opinions on the subject.  These are mainly based around the length of time a councillor has served.  The old timers are almost without exception against the level of payments now in place and will always seek (when in opposition) to use the findings of ...
    Posted to Councillors Commission (Forum) by misunderstood on August 30, 2007
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