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White Papers

Here you will be able to access White Papers - or Command Papers to give them their correct title - for which the Department has responsibility.

The term "White Paper" has no formal definition. However, White Papers generally contain proposals and statements of Government Policy.


7 November 2005
Supporting magistrates' courts to provide justice
This white paper sets out how we have responded to the views expressed during the supporting magistrates to provide justice communications exercise and the changing circumstances in which the magistracy and those working in magistrates' courts fulfil their responsibilities. It also sets out our proposals for further changes and reforms.

17 October 2005
The Future of Legal Services: Putting the Consumer First
White paper sets out proposals for the regulatory reform of legal services in England and Wales

3 February 2005
Courts boards guidance (Command Paper Cm6461)
This Guidance to Courts Boards has been issued under s.5(5) of the Courts Act 2003. It explains the role of the Boards, sets them in context and offers guidance on how the Boards and the managers of Her Majesty's Courts Service can work together to ensure that the courts administration is run effectively and efficiently.

15 July 2004
» Transforming Public Services: Complaints, Redress and Tribunals

May 2004
» White Paper - Fairness for All: A new Commission for Equality and Human Rights PDF document 1.8mb

March 2003
» Effective Enforcement: Improved methods of recovery for civil court debt and commercial rent and a single regulatory regime for warrant enforcement agents

17 July 2002
» "Justice for All" Criminal Justice White Paper

7 November 2001
» The House of Lords - Completing the Reform

2 December 1998
» Modernising Justice - the Government's plans for reforming Legal Services and the Courts
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