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PSI Guidance - List of Exclusive Arrangements


This explains about the need to provide details of any exclusive agreements that prevent the re-use of Public Sector Information.


1. Under Regulation 14 of the PSI Regulations, public sector organisations are prohibited from entering into exclusive agreements other than in exceptional circumstances. These exclusive agreements are likely to be in the context of publishing and licensing information.

2. Where exclusive agreements already exist public sector organisations have a responsibility to:

3. This Note covers the need to publish details of any exclusive agreements. If you do not have any exclusive agreements it is suggested that you include a note on your website to that effect.

Why is action required?

4. Action is required for the following reasons:


5. To check whether you have any existing exclusive agreements and to publish summary details using a grid like the one shown below.

Licensee Material Grant Date of the Agreement Period Review Other information
University of Middle Wales Histories written in the Welsh language To publish English translations of each of the titles 1 January 1985 Full term of copyright Last reviewed September 2005. Date of next review September 2008