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Guidance - Publication of Articles written by Ministers and Civil Servants in Journals and Conference Proceedings

Updated 19/12/2008


We aim to provide a fast and streamlined process to enable the publication of Crown copyright articles and presentations with the minimum of administration. The authors will, in most cases, be either a minister or a civil servant.

For ease of reference the term ’article’ in this guidance means articles and presentations.

All government departments and agencies have delegated authority from the Controller of HMSO/Queen’s Printer for Scotland to authorise the first publication of Crown copyright information.

What is covered?

This covers the circumstances where:

In the majority of cases the article in question would not have been previously published. Any subsequent re-use of previously published articles would be covered under the terms of the PSI Click-Use Licence.

It does not cover re-use of departmental logos and the Royal Arms.

What is the Process?

Before the article is published you must obtain consent from:

a) the author; and

b) the head of the department or division concerned who needs to confirm that the article is consistent with departmental policy and may be published.

For articles written by a minister, clearance from the Minister’s Private Office will suffice.

We have produced a sample licence that can be used for obtaining the appropriate clearance. See Annex A (Word - 45 kb).

What you are allowed to do?

You are allowed to:

What do you need to do?

You may publish articles provided that:

You should also send one copy of the published article to the author on publication.