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UK Information Portal

Submitted by: Jo Kaye

Describe your idea. How does it work and who does it help?

It provides a portal where people can find exactly what data is available in whatever parts of government. They should be able to view a description of the data, see it's geographic extent, and currency, and download it in a number of different formats, both geospatial and tabular, with appropriate license restrictions. It would help anyone who wants to make mapping or statistical mashups, and for the government it would make the whole process of providing information to people more efficient.

A geospatial store would be built that enumerated and described the data, and provided links to where it could be downloaded. This would have a both a map-based front-end and a categorised text-search approach. The data would continue to be stored in it's existing locations, but the portal would provide links to it.

What information or services do you need?

A qualitative survey of what data is available from all government departments, what format it is in, where it is currently stored and how it is currently made available.


I don't think either of the two links suggested are as well known, or as comprehensive as I would like, and don't have a geospatial element to them. I want to be able to start with a map of my location and find out all the information that relates to that area, rather than trying to guess what my council is called. I want to be able to integrate datasets on heritage and the environment (from EH and Magic, for example), not just government data.

have you seen and - may be they are trying to do the same?

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