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Fire and rescue

We work with county, combined, metropolitan and London fire authorities across England.

The government's current priorities for the service are set out in the Fire and Rescue National Framework 2008/11 (external link). Collectively, fire services spent around £2.1 billion of public money in 2007/08. Their income comes from a mix of council tax and grants from government.

17 March 2010
Two independent reports evaluating the impact and cost of Comprehensive Area Assessment in its first year have been published by a consortium led by Shared Intelligence (SI), and the Office for Public Management (OPM).
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10 March 2010
The Codes of Audit Practice (the Codes) define the scope, nature and extent of local audit work.
24 February 2010
This report looks at the findings from the first year of Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA). It is published by the six inspectorates responsible for assessing local public services in England.
18 February 2010
Since 1996 the Audit Commission has run the National Fraud Initiative (NFI), a sophisticated data matching exercise which matches electronic data within and between participating audited bodies to prevent and detect fraud.
9 December 2009
Oneplace, the reporting website for Comprehensive Area Assessment, is now live. The site includes independent information about how councils, police, health services and others are tackling the major issues in every area in England.
24 March 2010
We considered the consultation's responses and have now confirmed the NFI work programme and scale of fees for 2010/11.
20 November 2009
The Audit Commission has published two important reports on the quality of the work of its appointed auditors for our stakeholders.
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30 October 2009
The Audit Commission has consulted on its work programme and scales of fees for 2010/11 and indicative fee proposals for 2011/12 and 2012/13.
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21 October 2009
The Audit Commission has worked with the National School of Government to produce a unique web-based learning scheme on core skills in financial management for local government. It is flexible, friendly and free to use.
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28 April 2009
Use of resources is an Audit Commission assessment of how well organisations are managing and using their resources to deliver value for money and better and sustainable outcomes for local people.

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We assess the ability of the Fire and Rescue Service to deliver its services to the community economically with efficiency and effectiveness, reducing risk at the same time.

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