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Socio Economic Panel
Panel to consider funding requests under £100,000.

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Response to The Times article of 17th July

17 July 2009

Whilst it is correct that the NDA is conducting a review of its reward and remuneration arrangements for staff, as many responsible organisations periodically do, today's article in The Times has a number of inaccuracies which require correction.

Firstly, this review was initiated by the NDA's executive team last year. It is not therefore a response to the Times' article in April 2009, nor is it being led by the non-executive members of the Board as claimed in the story. Final recommendations coming from the review will ultimately be considered by the full Board.

Secondly, the NDA does not have "guaranteed" bonus arrangements for its staff. Bonuses are linked to performance and can be earned in relation to specific targets being met at both a corporate level, substantially based upon the delivery of objectives set by our sponsoring department, and at an individual level on completion of specific activities. Contrary to claims in the newspaper, no bonus was paid for having a clean-desk.

Finally, suggestions that the NDA's commercial income has fallen short of expectations in recent years could not be further from the truth. We have driven income up significantly despite some major challenges from the plant we inherited in 2005. Our 2008/9 Annual Report will signal a further increase in income on top of the £1.5 billion generated last year. This is driven principally by the strong performance of our two remaining power stations which are however reaching the end of their operating lives.