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Dounreay industry event concluded

18 March 2010

The two part industry event for Dounreay concluded last week, with the second part taking place in Glasgow (9 March 2010).

This follows the publication of the Contract Notice in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) on 5 March 2010, which marked the start of the prequalification period.

The Glasgow event, held at the Hilton Hotel, was well attended, with eleven potential bidding companies in addition to local stakeholders, Scottish Government representatives, regulators, and MP John Thurso.

The NDA presentations focussed on how the competition for Dounreay will be run, the preferred contracting arrangements, an outline of the challenges of the site, and what the NDA is looking for from bids.

Stakeholders and regulators were also given the chance to present to bidders – highlighting what they expect from potential bidders.

MP John Thurso said:

"The successful bidder will take charge of the single biggest contributor to the Far North economy.  These two days presented an opportunity to reinforce the importance of socio-economic regeneration and to indicate to bidders how this must be an integral part of that process.   For those representing the community, the ability to get this message across on two occasions was very valuable - and successful."

Tony Fountain, NDA Chief Executive, said:

"Both parts of the Industry Event have been extremely successful and we are confident that bidders now have a good understanding of what we are looking for from bids, and how we intend to run the competition.   We are now entering the prequalification phase, during which bidders will be expected to demonstrate how they meet a range of criteria. This will enable us to establish a shortlist of bidders who will then be invited to participate in the subsequent stages of the competition."