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New announcement on eco-towns

Find out about potential eco-town sites, as well as the environmental and building standards that they will follow.

An introduction to eco-towns

These proposed new communities will help provide you with affordable housing. Eco-towns will have well-designed and energy-efficient homes. They will also provide transport, shops, schools, open spaces and leisure and community facilities close to where you live.

Eco-towns website

Eco-towns offer a new approach to housing and communities which is intended to tackle the global challenges of climate change and make sustainable and healthy lifestyles a reality.

Follow the link below to the eco-towns website to see a video of what an eco-town might look like. You can also read case studies about eco-towns around the world and find out what other people said during the eco-towns consulation process.

Living greener lives

Everyday actions, like heating your home or driving your car, consume energy and produce greenhouse gas emissions - such as carbon dioxide - which contribute to climate change. Standards are being set to make sure eco-towns are greener developments and are designed to keep carbon dioxide emissions under control.

Providing more housing

Each eco-town will provide homes for between 5,000 and 15,000 families. Homes will be of different sizes and designs, with different renting or ownership options.

What has happened so far?

As part of the process of developing the eco-town proposals, many of you took part in the first stage of the consultation in April 2008. The second stage of consultation concentrated on the draft Planning Policy statement (including the standards required of eco-towns) and closed at the end of April 2009. A series of roadshows were organised in the areas where it’s proposed that eco-towns will be located.

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If you want to be updated with news about eco-towns, you can register and sign up for an e-newsletter by following the link below.

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