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Safeguarding and social care research 2009-10

This section contains recent research relating to safeguarding and social care issues that are of particular relevance to the children's workforce. It is regularly updated with the most recently published appearing first.

You will also find major research projects focusing on adoption (permanence planning, matching and supporting adoptive placements) at the Adoption Research Initiative website.

Outcomes of interagency training to safeguard children: Final report to the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department of Health (published February 2010)
The overall aim of this study was to develop an evidence base for interdisciplinary training to safeguard children by assessing the scope and content of programmes commissioned by local safeguarding children boards, and the participation in courses of professionals and others in contact with and/or working with children.

Staying Safe Survey 2009: Young people and parents' attitudes around accidents, bullying and safety (published February 2010)
The main aim of this research was to measure and track parents’ and children’s awareness, attitudes and reported behaviour across the various safety issues covered by the staying safe action plan and the Byron Review.

National Indicator 71: Children missing from home or care - Local authority self-evaluation scores of measures to monitor, respond to and address runaway cases (published February 2010)
This release provides data on the self-evaluation scores given by each local authority in relation to available measures to monitor and respond to cases of children missing from home or care.

Case management and outcomes for neglected children returned to their parents: A five year follow-up study (published February 2010) 
This report presents the findings of a study that followed up a cohort of neglected children who had been looked after and reunified with a parent and aimed to examine the case management, interventions and outcomes of a consecutive sample of neglected children for five years from the point of first referral to children’s social care services.

Bridging series for outcomes for looked-after children: Comparison of data from matched administrative source with current aggregate source
 (published 25 November 2009)
This statistical release compares figures on outcomes for looked after children with figures derived from a matched administrative data source taken from the national pupil database and the children looked after database.

Organisation, outcomes and costs of inter-agency training for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children (published November 2009)
This research aimed to develop an evidence base for inter-agency training to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The study addressed how inter-agency training was organised, and the type of training delivered and its effectiveness and value for money.

Implementing special guardianship (published November 2009)
This study aimed to describe how eight local authorities have implemented special guardianship in the first two years after its introduction. The use of special guardianship provisions in relation to the characteristics, circumstances and motivations of carers and children were explored.

Characteristics, outcomes and meanings of three types of permanent placement: Adoption by strangers, adoption by carers and long-term foster care (published September 2009)
The study was conducted using focus groups and interviews with managers, staff and foster carers in seven local authorities, a postal survey of carers and social workers, analysis of historical data collected on 90 children who had previously been studied and interviews with 37 children and their foster carers and adoptive parents.

Children's services interventions evaluation - in Safeguarding and social care (published September 2009)
This evaluation sought to provide an independent view on the impact of five major DCSF interventions in five local authority children's services: North East Lincolnshire, Swindon, Plymouth, Walsall and Waltham Fores.

Local authorities' use of carers grant: A report prepared for the Department of Health (published August 2009)
The study aimed to get a better understanding of how local authorities in England spent their carers' grant allocations between 2005 and 2007 and how it enabled them to improve support for carers in their area.

Working together in extended schools and children's centres: A study of inter-professional activity in England and Sweden (published August 2009)
The study aimed to explore the facilitators and obstacles to working together.

Effectiveness of the new local safeguarding children boards (LSCBs) in England: Interim report (published June 2009)
This research looked at how LSCBs manage their safeguarding role and if the new systems and arrangements are ‘fit for purpose’ and are influencing and improving frontline practice.

Understanding serious case reviews and their impact: A biennial analysis of serious case reviews 2005-2007 (published June 2009)
Serious case reviews are undertaken when a child dies or is seriously injured, and abuse or neglect are known or suspected to be factors in the death. They are carried out under the auspices of local safeguarding children boards so that lessons can be learnt locally. This is the fourth biennial overview of serious case reviews across England and was commissioned to draw out themes and trends so that lessons learnt from these cases can inform both policy and practice.

Quality Matters in children's services: Messages from research (published May 2009)
The Quality Matters (QM) programme of research was commissioned by the Government to examine the impact of the Quality Protects initiative on the quality of services for children in need, including children and young people looked after by local authorities.

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