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Regional Response Fund

Important note regarding Train to Gain in-year responsive applications

The LSC is now in the process of completing the agreement and allocation of contracts with providers as part of the 2008-09 Business Cycle. We expect to confirm final maximum contract values with new and existing providers during April. All new providers wishing to apply to receive LSC funding are asked to note this position. The LSC has also contracted for all of the available funds currently available through its in year responsive programme.

If you are applying to the LSC through the Regional Responsive process, the Type 1 PQQ, then please be aware that your application will be kept on record and reviewed when a gap in the supply of provision is identified or more provision to meet immediate employer demand is needed. We will notify you in advance when these circumstances arise.

If you already hold an LSC contract for Train to Gain or Apprenticeships then you should be aware that you are not required to use the Type 1 process. As an existing provider any additional demand that is identified should be discussed as part of the normal contract management arrangements with the LSC.


Current requirement


The East of England is not currently accepting applications for Regional Response. Please email for further information.

East Midlands

East Midlands Qualified Provider Framework – Type 1 Responsive Applications

Please note that we will no longer be accepting applications for Type 1 Regional Responsive Funding in the East Midlands, for the 2009/10 Academic Year, and for the foreseeable future.

Further guidance will be issued should this situation change.

North East

We now believe that we have a sufficient range and diversity of quality-assured training providers who are contracted to deliver Train to Gain provision in the North East. For the foreseeable future we perceive no need to increase the numbers. If and when it becomes apparent that there is evidence of genuine need from employers in the North East for Train to Gain provision which cannot be met from our existing contracted providers we will consider whether to actively commission/procure some new/different provision to address that.

North West

The North West is not currently accepting applications for Regional Response. Please email for further information.


London is currently no longer taking any applications for Regional Response funding; however If you are a training provider who is not already delivering Train to Gain or Apprenticeships in London and would like to access Regional Response funding then please contact a Lead Train to Gain or Apprenticeship Provider.

This information can be accessed be searching for your provision on the Skills for London website -

South East

The South East is not currently accepting applications for Regional Response funding. Please email: or via telephone 0118 908 2272/2277

South West

The South West region is only accepting Regional Response applications for provision which is not available currently through our provider network. Please email for further information.

West Midlands

The West Midlands is not currently accepting applications for Regional Response. Please email for further information.

Yorkshire and the Humber

For information please view details on the Yorkshire and the Humber Response Fund