What is the Skills Pledge?

The Skills Pledge is a voluntary, public commitment made by an organisation to invest in the skills of its workforce. The Skills Pledge is open to organisations of all sizes, from all sectors, with a workforce in England in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

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It's a promise that the employer will work to realise the potential of all their employees by developing their basic skills and working towards relevant, valuable qualifications. By making the Skills Pledge employers commit to train their workforce to at least Level 2 – the equivalent of five good GCSEs, grades A–C.

Many organisations choose to use the Skills Pledge as a starting point, going on to help employees gain higher-level qualifications. To ensure employees’ skills meet their industry standard, we encourage businesses to make this commitment a long term investment by raising their targets beyond the Level 2 benchmark.

Employers who make the Skills Pledge can also access the support of a Business Link Adviser at no cost to their business. Advisers not only establish a company’s skills needs and design a tailored training package but they also source funding to help cover the cost of training.

Any employers can seek the advice of a Business Link Adviser - whether they have made the Skills Pledge or not. Click here to arrange for a Business Link Adviser to come and visit your business.

The Skills Pledge declaration:

By making the Skills Pledge, an organisation commits to:

  • Actively encourage and support employees to gain the skills and qualifications that will meet the needs of the business and will support their future employability
  • Further support employees to acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills and work towards their first full Level 2 qualification
  • Demonstrably raise employees' skills and competencies to improve their organisational performance through investing in economically valuable training and development

The four-stage journey outlines the Skills Pledge process:

Stage 1 — Making the Skills Pledge

The organisation makes its Skills Pledge commitment and receives a Skills Pledge certificate.

Stage 2 — Diagnostic

The organisation carries out an assessment of skills and training priorities for all its employees and considers how this will help to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Stage 3 — Action plan

The organisation develops an action plan to deliver its Skills Pledge commitment. This sets out its priority skills and qualifications, numbers of staff to be involved, timescales and broad schedule of activity, plus how progress will be monitored and reviewed.

Stage 4 — Implementation and achievement

The organisation implements its action plan and works towards achieving milestones. The employer will also identify new actions while striving for continuous improvement and business success through realising the potential of its employees.

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