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Council Tax discounts, exemptions and financial help

If you qualify for a Council Tax discount, you could receive a reduction or a complete exemption from paying Council Tax. Here are some situations when discounts and exemptions may apply.

Reducing your Council Tax bill

You may be able to reduce your bill if:

  • the property is empty
  • only one adult lives there
  • you are disabled
  • you are a student
  • you are a student nurse

If you're on a low income you may qualify for Council Tax Benefit.

Your full Council Tax bill is based on at least two adults living in a home. If only one adult lives in a home (as their main home), the Council Tax is reduced by 25 per cent. The bill doesn't increase if there are more than two adults in the home.

Certain people aren't counted when working out the number of adults who live in your home. If the property isn't the main home of the people living there, then a discount may also apply.

You can find out about discounts and people who aren't counted towards an assessment of Council Tax in sections 10 to 13 of the leaflet 'Council Tax - a guide to your bill', by following the link below.

Also, some dwellings may be exempt from Council Tax. You can check the details of what sort of dwellings are exempt in sections 14 to 17 of the leaflet 'Council Tax - a guide to your bill'.

Council Tax Exemptions

Some dwellings may be exempt from council tax.

You can check the details of what sort of dwellings are exempt in sections 14 to 17 of the leaflet 'Council Tax - a guide to your bill'.

Use the links below to find out whether you are eligible for Council Tax discounts, exemptions and financial help, and to apply online. The page you go to will ask you to enter details of where you live and then take you to your local council’s website where you can find out more.

Disabled band reduction scheme

If you are disabled and need more space, the disabled band reduction scheme will help you to get a reduction in your Council Tax. The reduction works out as being the next level down in the Council Tax band.

Getting financial help – Council Tax Benefit and Second Adult Rebate

If you're on a low income, or you live with another adult (not your partner) who's on a low income, you may be able to claim Council Tax Benefit or Second Adult Rebate. This will mean you'll have some or all of your Council Tax paid for you.

Follow the link below for more information.

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