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February 2010

The implementation evaluation of primary care groups of practice: a focus on organizational identity
C Rodriguez, M Pozzebon
BMC Family Practice, 2010, 11:15

Rural health: challenges of distance, opportunities for innovation

National Health Committee – New Zealand
January 2010

Unlocking innovation: working with UK
This site is advised by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt with a view to making public data available to encourage innovation.

Translating three states of knowledge – discovery, invention and innovation
JP Lane, JL Flagg
Implementation Science, 2010, 5:9

Are patents impeding medical care and innovation?
ER Gold, W Kaplan, J Orbinski, S Harland-Logan, S N-Marandi
PLoS Medicine, 2010, 7(1):e1000208

Leading innovation and change
K Hyrkas, K Harvey
Journal of Nursing Management, 2010, 18(1), pp1-3
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