Guest Editorial February 2010

Mike_Davidge.jpgThe latest guest editorial has been written by Mike Davidge who will be building on this topic when he presents Expert on Call on 18th March 2010. Click here to register for this free webinar. Previous Guest Editorials can be viewed here.


Managing capacity and demand

Have you ever caught yourself saying “If only we had more of …”.  Chances are, if you have, then you’ve probably got a problem with balancing up capacity with demand.

If you haven’t done that then have you ever wondered about these questions:

  • How much capacity do I need?
  • Why do waiting lists occur?
  • How do I measure the demand into my service?
  • Why is it that we’ve increased capacity but it hasn’t improved our waiting times?
  • How can I get off the target treadmill?

If so then this webinar is for you!

The NHS has seen unprecedented growth in resources over the last decade and also seen remarkable reductions in the time to access its services.  In a period ahead when the expectation is minimal growth if any at all, the concern will be that all the gains of the last ten years may be lost because of the financial constraints to come.

So you may be surprised to learn that there are ways to improve access to and the quality of services that don’t cost the earth.  And maybe even more surprising is the fact that the way we operate those services may be the cause of poor quality and long waits.  Address these issues and you can improve on a tight budget.

So what exactly will you learn by attending the Expert on call WebEx on ‘Managing capacity and demand’?

  • You will see why the way we organise our services can cause us a headache;
  • You will learn about the 7 ways to no delays – practical interventions that make a difference;
  • You will be shown a simple approach to estimating the capacity you need to meet the demand on your service.

And you will never view waiting lists in quite the same way ever again.

Mike Davidge

Interim Head of Measurement - NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Mike's Expert on Call WebEx, Involving patients in treatment decision, will take place on Thursday 18th March 2010, at 4pm.  Click here to register for this event.