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The Open Source, Open Standards and Reuse Strategy 

‘Open Source’ has been one of the most significant cultural developments in ICT over the last two decades.  Products that provide access to the source code that powers the application enables the wider development community to exploit new and innovative solutions to business requirements.  These products are based on open standards and can thus be re-used to solve multiple problems and can be repurposed quickly. 

Traditionally, the public sector has relied on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software or bespoke solutions from global providers. This restricts the ability of the public sector to reuse solutions, reduces flexibility to manage assets efficiently and prevents government organisations from switching suppliers. The Open Source, Open Standards, Reuse strategy provides guides on how to use Open Source alternatives that meet public sector requirements. Government already commits to using only open standards for documentation. The ICT strategy will build capability within the public sector to increase the amount of open source code and software in use and make it available for reuse elsewhere.


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Open Source, Open Standards, Reuse (ICT Strategy) [PDF]

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