Postcomm - the Postal Services Commission

PostboxPostcomm is the independent regulator for postal services in the UK. It is our job to protect the universal service and make sure that postal operators, including Royal Mail, meet the needs of their customers throughout the UK. We are also responsible for introducing choice to a market that was a closed monopoly for 350 years.

Universal service. Postcomm will protect the universal service, which is provided by Royal Mail. The universal service includes the 'one price goes anywhere' stamp, as well as collections and deliveries for almost every address in the country, each working day.

Post offices. We monitor developments in the Post Office network, but are not involved in making decisions on either the future of the network as a whole, or any individual post office. We have released our annual report on the post office network.

Full market opening. Competition has created a more vibrant postal market in the UK. Organisations other than Royal Mail can now - if they have been licensed by Postcomm - act as postal operators, collecting, sorting and distributing mail in the UK. Postcomm examines these developments in its quarterly market updates factsheets, and their annual Business Customer Survey and Competitive Market Review.  

For more information on Postcomm's work, see the latest editions of our annual report or our newsletter, COMMentary (pdf, 2487KB). We also have a series of downloadable factsheets on key issues in the postal market. To sign up for email news updates, please contact the webmanager .

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