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We follow the Government Code of Practice on Consultation and aim to respond to all comments received within three months of a consultation ending. If you have any thoughts on the consultation process itself please email the Better Regulation Team.

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Consultation on taking forward the establishment of a body to monitor and enforce compliance with the groceries supply code of practice (GSCOP)

  • Start date: 05 February 2010
  • Closing date: 30 April 2010

Background to the consultation
In August 2009, the Competition Commission (CC) recommended that Government took the steps necessary to establish an effective body to monitor and enforce compliance with the groceries supply code of practice (GSCOP) and give it the power to levy penalties on retailers for non compliance with the GSCOP. Government published its response [...]

Consultation on proposals for a Next Generation Fund

  • Start date: 07 January 2010
  • Closing date: 01 April 2010

The consultation is aimed at seeking feedback on a number of specific questions regarding the proposed Next Generation Fund, including the approach to the procurement processes and the technology solutions that will be eligible.

Consultation on proposal to ban the use of bills of sale for consumer lending

  • Start date: 21 December 2009
  • Closing date: 15 March 2010

Bills of sale are being use to support “log book” lending, namely lending using a consumer’s car as security. This practice has been the subject of relatively high levels of complaints to consumer groups and the OFT.

Consultation on the role and powers of the Consumer Advocate

  • Start date: 02 December 2009
  • Closing date: 05 March 2010

We want your views on how the Consumer Advocate can successfully deliver real benefits to consumers. We also want to ensure that when the Consumer Advocate is equipped with new powers that he/she will have the ability to do all that we are asking.