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The Shared Services Toolkit

Welcome to the Cabinet Office Shared Services Toolkit. This toolkit provides support to public sector organisations who:

Based around a typical shared services journey, the toolkit aims to spread knowledge, promote sharing of information and best practice, and as a result help accelerate programmes and reduce costs.

By clicking on each chevron you can find an overview of the stage, the key considerations, activities and outputs, templates, and examples.

Jo Clift, Director Shared Services, Cabinet Office.
February 2008


Effective project/programme management, change management and stakeholder engagement/communications are key to any successful transformational change programme. If you require further information or help in any of these areas there are a range of websites which provide toolkits, templates and examples. Click on the boxes below to find details of sources of additional help.

toolkit_radio_buttons071218.gif Project Management Change Management Stakeholder Engagament