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Change and Continuity

We are now fast approaching the final stage of the Transformation of EPC, the endeavour we began in 2003 and will soon be working with a private sector partner in a new operating model to offer the best and most cost-effective possible training and services to our customers.

For us this involves enormous strategic change, albeit one that is the culmination of everything else we have done over the past 6 years. For you the change will be progressive, seamless and reflect solid continuity. The College will continue to operate under the direction of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, delivering training on its behalf that is subject to its approval and endorsement as conforming to the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act and UK Resilience doctrine.  Although many of us will be working for a different employer, EPC will remain a single team dedicated to your service and the enhancement of UK Resilience. 

We are very aware that you face a difficult financial environment and pressure on your training budgets.  Bids will require business cases, and finance departments will favour the cheapest solution. Before making your choice please address the following questions:

With EPC you will get all 7 positive reasons for choosing our training.  If you wish, we can bring the training to you, saving your travel and subsistence costs.  If we raise your performance by 5% you will get your return on investment within 12 months. We will always offer you the best and most cost effective solution to your requirements. 

We look forward to working with you.