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We want to hear your views about the way we run our workstreams.  Information is available on the PSN Workstreams page.

The Public Sector Network (PSN) is designed to radically change the way Government and its associates buy and use Voice and Data Networks. It will drive efficiency savings, while setting a range of technical and service standards.

In Central Government, the PSN Services Programme, led by Cabinet Office, will be the first PSN compliant framework procurement. At a Local Government level, Hampshire CC [External website] became the first pathfinder, and other Local Authorities are developing PSN compliant programmes.

The PSN will create a Virtual Private Network for the Public Sector from the existing commercial infrastructure. It will not buy infrastructure or capability. Instead it will develop a market place providing opportunities for industry and savings for the Public Sector.

The PSN will not appear overnight. Delivery of the service will be incremental, with contractual ‘vehicles’ appearing across a common core network.

Key contact
PSN Programme Director
John Stubley
020 7276 1066