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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Council

Following the successful format of the CIO Council, the CTO Council was formed at the end of 2005 to bring together CTOs from across the public sector to create the principal intergovernmental forum tasked with improving government practices related to the design, interoperability, development, modernisation, use, reuse, sharing, performance and efficient use of IT resources.

The CTO Council is the cross–government body responsible for supporting ‘joining-up’ at a technological level. Formed at the recommendation of a number of CIOs – the CTO Council effectively works as the agents of the CIOs. It sets and implements a programme of technological development and standards to deliver the solutions to support the delivery of the Transformational Government Implementation Plan such as the cross–Government Enterprise Architecture.

The strength of the group comes from tasking members to operate in a ‘collegiate’ manner based on the notion of working for government and not purely for their home organisation. Their common interest is the effective and efficient use of technology to transform the business of government by promoting:

One of the driving forces behind the desire to establish the CTO Council was the ability to promote Government IT as an ‘Intelligent Customer’ – by pooling knowledge and experience, ideas and solutions that can be shared for the benefit of all.

The CTO Council has now published an overview of release 1 of the cross–Government Enterprise Architecture: