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Please note, there are currently no vacancies in the Unit.

Why should I apply?

The Strategy Unit employs a diverse group of permanent civil servants and staff on secondments or fixed term contracts from the private sector, academia and think-tanks. The extent of our impact depends on the quality of our people, and we make every effort to ensure we recruit and retain the brightest and best people. Regardless of background all our staff have certain things in common:

You don’t have to have a particular degree or specialisation to apply to the Strategy Unit.


What’s it like working for the Unit?

100x67kristen_mcleod8054.jpg ‘Working in the Strategy Unit is hugely stimulating and challenging. You get to work on a wide range of issues, to tackle and advise No 10 on key policy areas, and to be at the heart of strategic thinking in government. Best of all, you get to do this challenging job in an engaging environment with some very sharp and dynamic people.’

Kristen McLeod


100x67almudena_lara7994.jpg ‘Working at the unit is a fantastic learning opportunity. The issues we deal with are some of the really big policy questions covering a wide range of issues in welfare reform, education, health, policing, foreign policy… you name it! But what definitely makes the SU such a great place to work is its people; SU is full of bright and committed people that feel passionate about their work.’

Almudena Lara


100x67ben_rudd8073.jpg ‘Working in the Strategy Unit is a hugely challenging job, but it’s also one where you can make a real difference to national and international policies. There aren't many roles where you can take an idea from initial concept and see it all the way through to changing policy and ultimately people’s lives. To me, that makes the Strategy Unit a truly unique place to work.’

Ben Rudd


100x67andy_scott.jpg ‘I joined the Strategy Unit straight from academia, keen to start a career in the world of public policy. The most immediate difference I found was the pace at which things move here. Working at the heart of government and on the big issues of the day means that there is a much more immediate pressure to deliver quality work. Day-to-day, the majority of my time is spent with the Foreign Policy Team which can involve anything from developing analysis and policy suggestions to organising workshops and meeting with stakeholders both across and outside Whitehall. But one of the great things about working at the SU is the fact that you get to learn about and contribute to a range of policy areas through the regular cross-team events and constant exchange of ideas that goes on here.’

Andy Scott



There are four main roles in the Unit:

Policy Advisers
The role of the Policy Adviser includes:

Senior Policy Advisers
The role of the Senior Policy Adviser includes:

Deputy Directors
The role of the Deputy Directors includes:

Fellows and internships
The unit also offers time limited fellowships and internships to high potential candidates and we are working with the ESRC and others.


How should I apply?

There are currently no vacancies.