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Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Thanks to those of you who attended the BIS Partners event on Monday 20 July. Below, we have provided information on the new department, which includes our mission statement, our ministerial portfolio and a summary of our key policy area, New Industry, New Jobs.

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Who we are and what we do

The world is changing rapidly. And as global competition intensifies and new technologies and processes transform our lives and industry, we’re going to need to do all we can as a country to build on our strengths and develop the new capabilities that will enable us to benefit fully from these changes.

The creation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) will help us do just that.

BIS brings together the strengths and expertise of the former DIUS and BERR to build Britain’s future economic strengths, leading the fight against recession and laying the foundations for future prosperity for all.

Our mission

Building a dynamic and competitive UK economy by:

• Creating the conditions for business success

• Promoting innovation, enterprise and science

• Giving everyone the skills and opportunities to succeed

To achieve this we will foster world-class universities and promote an open global economy.

Key facts


  • BIS has around 2,900 staff
  • In addition, around 1,100 people work for UK Trade & Investment in the UKOur delivery partners include four executive agencies employing around 5,500 staff.


  • We have a budget of some £22 billion for 2009/2010, which makes us the sixth largest spending department in Whitehall
  • Top budget areas include funding for higher education, science and research, adult skills, support for business, and the Regional Development Agencies.


  • Our major staff locations include London, Sheffield, Billingham, Cardiff, Darlington, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Runcorn and Watford.

Delivery partners

BIS is supported by a wide range of organisations in delivering its strategic priorities. Our delivery partners provide services, information and advice to the Department and directly to a wide range of people and organisations.

BIS has four executive agencies: Companies House, the Insolvency Service, the Intellectual Property Office and the National Measurement Office.

It has over 50 other partners responsible for key areas, including the 25 Sector Skills Councils, nine Regional Development Agencies and seven Research Councils.