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Neil Stewart Associates Graduate Employability Conference

March 3, 2010

David Lammy MP
Speech by: David Lammy MP
Venue: Queen Elizabeth II conference centre, London

“I’m not just talking about the need for generic, transferrable skills to be learned alongside subject- or job-specific ones – important though that is, but about the active rather than passive attitudes that universities should foster in their students. Like refusal to just accept that the way things have always been done is necessarily the best way to do them now. Like eagerness to question received wisdom rather than just take everything on trust. Like openness to a wide range of different points of view and a forensic approach to assessing them. Like an ability to see the wood as well as the trees.”

Mansion House Speech

March 1, 2010


Speech by: Lord Mandelson
Event: Trade and Industry Dinner
Venue: Guildhall, London

In this speech Peter Mandelson argues for reforms to Britain’s merger and acquisition rules to make it easier for shareholders on both sides to scrutinise and assess the merit of takeover bids. He argues: “The debate that is happening within business on business models, especially the reliance on debt over equity, needs to be part of a wider reassertion of the values of the long term, of organic growth and value creation over the temptations of excessive leverage and the fast buck”.

European e-skills week

Stephen Timms MP
Speech by: Stephen Timms MP
Venue: BIS Conference Centre, London

Stephen Timms speaks concerning this initiative to highlight the growing need for skilled ICT users and professionals within to EU.

Facing up to Europe’s growth deficit

February 26, 2010


Speech by: Lord Mandelson
Venue: Sciences-Po, Paris

In this speech, Peter Mandelson sets out three arguments about the future direction of the EU, in terms of both the challenges it faces and the strategic response needed to address them.

First, that Europe’s long term economic strength is more vulnerable now after the banking crisis and recession than it has been at any point for a generation. Second, that to respond the EU must rethink some of the ways in which it uses EU policy to drive European economic growth. And thirdly, that a genuinely transformative agenda for the European economy has to be owned by the European Member States themselves.

“We as Europeans face a growth deficit that threatens our prosperity, our solidarity and our capacity to project our influence outside of Europe. This is the moment to question some of the basic ways we think about the EU’s strategic role in driving growth and innovation. This debate has started in Brussels. But this agenda, however much it is shaped and driven by the Commission, needs to be owned by national capitals. It needs to be driven by national politicians. It is, after all, our names that are at the bottom of the Lisbon Treaty.”

Nairne Lecture: “Science: where now?”

February 11, 2010

Lord Drayson

Speech by: Lord Drayson
Venue: Nairne annual lecture – St Catherine’s College, Oxford

“We’ve got UK science to full throttle. It’s taken more than a decade. And in that same time period, we’ve made it so much easier to get an innovative business up and running. The question is how to light the after-burners.”

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