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The Department for Business is working hard to achieve accessibility.

The Department has worked extensively to achieve accessibility with this web site, seeking to meet Level Double-A accessibility under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium, as mandated by Government website guidelines. We are aware that there may be a small number of pages, particularly historic ones, that may not fully meet this standard. We are seeking and correcting such pages and would appreciate your informing us of any that you notice.

This site is designed and built to be capable of meeting Level Double-A. The Department has worked closely with Nomensa, a specialist accessibility and usability agency throughout the process. Nomensa performed accessibility checks at various stages of the project, on the site’s HTML page templates, on the information architecture and on a selection of web pages containing a variety of content. We also worked with Nomensa to train our web publishers in the principles and practice of web accessibility.

We are aware of the following accessibility issues that we are working to improve as we review the site:

  • A small number of pages may have incorrectly nested headings. If you notice such a page, please inform us so that we can correct it.
  • PDF and Word documents on this site may not be fully accessible. If you are unable to read a document hosted on the site, please contact us and we will try to supply a plain text version.

BIS will audit the website regularly to ensure accessibility is not just maintained but also improved.