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Business Law

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is committed to fostering competitive markets in the UK, EU and worldwide. By fighting anti-competitive practices and promoting open markets, we enable companies to compete freely and fairly, giving UK consumers more choice and better value.

Business law publications on a bookshelf

We have reformed and simplified the company law framework in the new Companies Act 2006. The Act minimises the regulatory complexity and promotes a ‘Think Small First’ approach; makes it easier to set up and run a company; enhances shareholder engagement and a long-term investment culture; and provides flexibility for the future.

The pages on Company Law cover the Companies Act 2006, Accounting & Audit, Corporate Law and Governance and EU Company Law.

Recent competition policy legislation includes the Competition Act, which prohibits abuse of dominant market position. We also cover UK and EC mergers and monopolies, EC and International competition policy and the regulation of specific markets. There are sections (see menu on the left) on State Aid regulations and on the Enterprise Act.

Companies Investigation Branch

Companies Investigation Branch investigates existing companies where there is suspicion of corporate abuse or other grounds to investigate. In April 2006 Companies Investigation Branch merged with the Insolvency Service, an Executive Agency of the Department for Business.