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UK Government ICT Strategy

ict_poster.jpgThe need to transform public services and to fully exploit ICT to achieve this is accelerating. To meet increasing demand within this complex technology arena, the UK public sector has built an ICT infrastructure that in many instances duplicates solutions across different areas of Government. The ICT strategy will ensure that the infrastructure will go through a process of standardisation and simplification based on the premise of a common infrastructure designed to enable local delivery suited to local needs.

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What is the Service Transformation Agreement?

The agreement sets out an ambitious programme of action that will be the foundation for public services that are more personalised to the needs of citizens and businesses. It places this challenge at the centre of government plans for public service delivery.

About this website

The Government Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council was formed in January 2005. The CIO Council is the first initiative to bring together CIOs from across all parts of the public sector to address common issues. The Council has the strong support of Government and the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O–Donnell.

The website consists of four independent sections detailing the work and plans of the various workstreams of the CIO Council. They are: