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Published public health guidance

This table lists published NICE public health guidance. The list can be sorted by reference number, title (alphabetically), wave number, publication date and review date. You can also:

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More information on the published public health guidance list.

Published public health guidance

Results 1-20 of 23

Ref Title Wave Date Issued
PH6 Behaviour change 11 Oct 2007
PH1 Brief interventions and referral for smoking cessation 11 Mar 2006
PH9 Community engagement 11 Feb 2008
PH2 Four commonly used methods to increase physical activity 11 Mar 2006
PH15 Identifying and supporting people most at risk of dying prematurely 12 Sep 2008
PH4 Interventions to reduce substance misuse among vulnerable young people 11 Mar 2007
PH19 Management of long-term sickness and incapacity for work 12 Mar 2009
PH11 Maternal and child nutrition 11 Mar 2008
PH16 Mental wellbeing and older people 12 Oct 2008
PH18 Needle and syringe programmes 15 Feb 2009
PH8 Physical activity and the environment 11 Jan 2008
PH14 Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people 12 Jul 2008
PH3 Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and under 18 conceptions 11 Feb 2007
PH22 Promoting mental wellbeing at work 12 Nov 2009
PH17 Promoting physical activity for children and young people 12 Jan 2009
PH13 Promoting physical activity in the workplace 12 May 2008
PH21 Reducing differences in the uptake of immunisations 15 Sep 2009
PH7 School-based interventions on alcohol 12 Nov 2007
PH23 School-based interventions to prevent smoking 18 Feb 2010
PH10 Smoking cessation services 11 Feb 2008