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Centres for Knowledge Exchange

Centres for Knowledge Exchange (CKEs) were innovative partnerships aimed at developing good practice in knowledge exchange between institutions and businesses and within a specific locality, region or sector. They were funded initially under the Higher Education Innovation Fund round 2, fulfilling a commitment in the White Paper 'The future of higher education'.

HEIF rounds 3 and 4 announced continued support for the 22 CKEs up to 2009.

List of CKEs

Details of each CKE, including contacts and web-sites, are available.


In March 2006, it was agreed that the 22 CKEs would undertake a mid-term self-evaluation to determine their progress, with an emphasis on how they could become self-sustaining after 2008-09.

Further information and the full mid-term evaluation report are available from Moore Networking, tel 01263 735 486, e-mail

End of funding

July 2009 marks the end of agreed CKE funding, and the 22 centres are submitting final reports to HEFCE by the end of 2009. These reports will document their activities over the five year funding period, and outline their plans for continuation, where appropriate.

Further information

Further information can be obtained from the individual CKEs or Jenni Chambers, tel 0117 931 7041, e-mail

Last updated 2 December 2009