Research and evaluation reports


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We commission and write research and evaluation reports to inform our decisions on policy and funding. They do not necessarily represent the views of HEFCE. These reports are available on our web-site only (rather than in print), except where indicated.

(Reports are listed in alphabetical order by title.)

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February 2010

Supplementary report to the HEFCE Higher Education Workforce Framework based on the international Changing Academic Profession (CAP) study

A report to HEFCE by William Locke and Alice Bennion, Centre for Higher Education Research and Information and The Open University, United Kingdom

February 2010

The future of higher education provision in the UK: workforce implications

A review of the literature: a report to HEFCE by Dr Eddie Blass, Dr Anne Jasman, Dr Steve Shelley, University of Hertfordshire

February 2010

The future workforce for higher education

A report to HEFCE by PA Consulting Group