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Higher Level Skills Pathfinders

Higher Level Skills Pathfinders aim to find ways of connecting employers and higher education (HE) on a regional basis. Their work aims both to increase demand from employers, and helps HE respond to them.

We currently fund three Higher Level Skills pathfinder projects in three regions. These are:

The pathfinders link into the existing regional infrastructure that connects employers to skills provision, including the Government's integrated brokerage scheme, Train to Gain. This pathfinder work will therefore contribute towards the vision of a seamless skills service for employers, as outlined in the further education White Paper 'Further Education: Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances'.

Each regional pathfinder has development resources and additional student numbers to help build the capacity in their institutions to respond flexibly to employer needs.

The initiative is led by the Higher Education Regional Associations in the three pathfinder regions. In 2007 we commissioned GHK Consulting to undertake an early formative evaluation of the pathfinders. This evaluation is now complete and we have published the evaluation report.

For further information on the Higher Level Skills Pathfinders, please contact Sarbani Banerjee e-mail

Last updated 5 June 2009