Civil Service Executive

Gus O'Donnell

ExecutiveWelcome Message

My long-term aim as Head of the Home Civil Service is to develop a culture of excellence in every part of the organisation.

The Civil Service needs to position itself to be able to meet the challenges of rapidly changing international and domestic circumstances, as well as raising public expectations, over the decades to come. And, in the best traditions of the Civil Service, we must have the right skills to deliver the priorities of any elected government of whatever persuasion. To do this, we must be flexible, adaptable, fast moving and skilful. We should be proud of our work, passionate about improving and clear about the need for more pace and professionalism.

As Head of the Home Civil Service I am responsible for ensuring that the whole Civil Service has the required set of capabilities, to lead and deliver public services well into the future. I commend what we have already achieved, but do not shirk the challenge of how much further we need to go.

We aim to deliver world class, customer-focused services. To do this, we need the best talent at all levels. I am committed to building a Civil Service drawn from the best talents throughout our society, reflecting the diversity of people, talent and experience which has made our country so successful.

I hope you'll join us and make a difference.

Sir Gus O'Donnell
Head of the Civil Service