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OGEL (Military and Dual-Use Goods: UK Forces deployed in Embargoed Destinations)

Decide, and if appropriate, use this open general licence (OGL), which allows the export of specified controlled items by any exporter. Use of this OGL removes the need to apply for a Standard Individual Licence (SIEL). However, exporters must ensure all conditions are met and shipment and destinations are eligible. Exporters will be subject to regular Compliance visits.

Accessible below are:

Specific Conditions

This OGEL allows, subject to certain conditions, the export or transfer of most military and certain dual-use goods, including software and technology, the provision of technical assistance, to UK armed forces or MOD civilians operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Current OGL

You can view the current licence by accessing the related document:


The current licence is dated 31st March 2009 and entered into force on 6th April 2009. All previous licences are now revoked.

Note: You will need to state the exact name of the licence in full on any supporting documentation given to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


Using this Licence

You will need to register to use this licence on SPIRE.

It is your responsibility as the exporter :

  • to use this licence within all its defined terms and conditions.
  • to keep updated of any licence amendments. (eg changes to permitted or excluded destinations or goods)

Details of amendments are published in the ECO's Notices to Exporters. To receive these notices directly in your email inbox, why not choose to Join the ECO Mailing List.


Archived OGL

You can access revoked licences for this and other OGLs on the Archived Licences page.

These licences are no longer in legal force and are made available purely for information purposes.


Return to the Open General Export Licences (OGEL) page for more details on:

  • What are OGLs?
  • The range of OGLs
  • Which OGL is right for me?
  • OGL Format and Details
  • Useful Advice and Systems
  • Registering for OGLs
  • Using OGLs
  • Penalties
  • Amendments to Licences

Return to the Dual-Use OGELs page to view other available licences for specific dual-use items.  


Export Control Organisation

Updated: 6th April 2009

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