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Consultation on the use of net and gross calorific values for calculating energy balances

Starting Date: 28-07-05

Closing Date: 31-10-05

DTI wishes to consult users of energy statistics on proposals to use Net Calorific Values (NCVs) as opposed to Gross Calorific Values (GCVs) when calculating the energy content of fuels. The difference between GCVs and NCVs depends on the fuel composition - a larger proportion of hydrogen (or water) in a fuel indicates a greater difference between GCV and NCV. Most international countries already use NCVs when producing energy statistics, and the International Energy Agency, the United Nations, and Eurostat have adopted the NCV approach when aggregating data from individual countries. Consultees views on the proposals are sought, particularly relating to any impact that the changes would have on the usefulness of the data for your specific needs.

Consultation Documents

Consultation Responses